I was surprised to see the software accurately resolve dome fairly obscure artists, titles and album covers. Find album artwork iTunes quickly. Very useful to scan files and determine which have missing info. Would recommend!cleaned up my 12,000 song library in an amazingly short time - found duplicates I had not spotted and found artwork I could not find anywhere, and delete duplicates in iTunes very fast. I never used one of the utilities before but I certainly needed one - way too time consuming doing the work manually. LTC did the job like a champI saw this on cnet and decided to try it out. If i had to pick one word to summarize this software it would be amazing, it works great, its quick, fast, and easy to use!Almost every item has an art work attached to it now and the correct one at that. My collection has been cut down by one third with the removal of duplicates. I appreciate this app and give it 5 stars.Some cleaners only add info to itunes but this one seems to actually correct the music files themselves. The only complaint I have is that it would be nice to see which song # of the total songs it is currently working on as it does it's thing.